For more than 22 years I design, build, and maintain future-friendly web sites.

I'm a Senior Design Consultant who helps to create beautiful, useful and successful web sites by minimizing the friction between creative direction, development realities and user needs. I have a formal degree in communication design and 22 years of experience in the ever-changing field of web technologies.

I have 47926 work hours of experience in professional graphic design, and I honed my Digital Skills along with the evolution of "the web" since 1995, so whatever label may describe the interdisciplinary character of my profession and interest ("web designer","web architect","web developer","web consultant","user experience designer","interaction designer","frontend developer"?), I'm fine with it, as long as it takes into account that research, content, design and development are inseparable when it comes to creating experiences for a device agnostic web: There is no "mobile" or "desktop" web, just "the web" and the myriad of devices your visitors may use to access your site.

The web is made of code and must be designed, therefore designing *with* code is working with the right material.
Heydon Pickering, Inclusive Design Patterns

To keep the right side brain entertained, I occasionally accept work as an illustrator and to stay sane I play guitar and bass in several bands. I like to cruise on my longboard in summer and ride the slopes on the snowboard in winter.

I love the open nature of the web and enjoy writing and sharing my experiences and everyday's oddities in my (mostly german) blog. In 2012 I co-founded the Open Device Lab in Frankfurt, Germany. I also run a well-known tribute website for Fender's offset-waist models, the Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars.

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